Jieun Cha is a Korean photographer with a Bachelor of Architecture from Soongsil University in Korea.
She has participated in several group exhibitions in United States, Germany and South Korea. She was awarded the Governor Prize for the 'City, Architecture Photography Contest.'

Artist's Note:

"Until now, Abstract photography just takes one part of a still object. But the fundamental concept of ‘Abstract’ is not a part of some thing. Abstract photography has to express some feeling or some thing by dots, lines, faces, and colors. If not, abstract photography does not need to be separate from Still photography. So I considered how I can make abstract images by using a camera. As everybody knows, a camera can take pictures that we see, but it also takes pictures that we can not see. I use a camera like a paint brush by long exposure of camera. When I take pictures with long exposure, the new images created are from the original objects becoming blurred. And this new image is completed through digital developing. But digital developing does not mean composed or manipulated. Developing means just coloring, exposure or contrast to create an abstract photography. From this project, I'd like to express deep emotions of human by photography which was not showed up before. Also I hope to build up Abstract photography as a part of photography as a medium."

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